Our Japan Trip

June 30, 2008

Tokyo Disneyland

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It’s 11:18pm here outside of Tokyo, and I’m just settling in to post for the day. It’s been a long one. We were up at 6:00am, out the door of my sister’s apartment at 7:45am, at the Hilton Tokyo Bay by 8:45 and in Tokyo Disneyland just after 9:00am. We finally got back to the hotel at 10:20pm and into the room about 25 minutes after that. Phew!

Tokyo Disneyland looks and feels a lot like Walt Disney World, although a few things seem out of place or are different:

  • Main Street is called “World Bazaar” and has a roof, kind of like Fremont Street in Las Vegas without the light show.
  • Frontierland is called “Westernland,” and a new area called “Critter Country” exists. Thunder Mountain Railroad (which seemed a bit longer and twistier) is in Westernland, but Splash Mountain is in Critter Country.
  • Haunted Mansion is in Fantasyland.
  • Star Tours, from Disney Studios, is in Tomorrowland.
  • As you can imagine, there is no Hall of Presidents or anything from colonial America.
  • The railroad just goes around Westernland, not the whole park.
  • You have to pay to ride the Monorail between the parks and the hotels. It’s about $11 for a three-day unlimited pass.

On the plus side, I found the park tickets to be relatively inexpensive. Beth and I paid $100 for two days, one at each park. Joey was $88 and Jessie was $69. A two-day ticket in Florida is $148 for anyone over 10, and $124 for anyone 3 to 9. That means we would have paid $592 for two days in Florida, and instead we paid $257 here in Japan.

Food was probably about the same cost. Lunch was $40, but burgers, fries and drinks for dinner was $28. I think the difference with dinner was that we got “sets” – their term for combination meals. I took a photo of the lunch menu for two reasons. First, I hope the Japanese writing will prove that I’m actually here. Second, I’ve been dying to tell you about how every restaurant in Japan displays its food using plastic replicas. Someone is making a fortune off plastic food in this country. Everything you can make out in the box is plastic.

To continue with the food — A small popcorn was $3. A large souvenir tub of popcorn was $11, with each refill at $5. You could choose from the following popcorn types: saled, honey, chocolate, cream soda and curry. We didn’t find cheese. I did think the souvenir photo from Splash Mountain was inexpensive at $12.50. I can’t recall the exact amount in Florida, but that just seems inexpensive. (I’ll bring the photo to the office, if anyone cares to see.)

The most popular ride – Pooh’s Hunny Hunt. It wasn’t even close. Beth went over to get a Fast Pass at about 9:30am and the line to get the Fast Pass was 15 minutes long, and the earliest pass then was 6:00pm. We went back at around 8:00pm and the wait was still 45 minutes! Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters, Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain were also very popular. However, we walked right on Star Tours and had no trouble with Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean. Space Mountain was closed, so I can’t report there.

Our day started in Fantasyland, which is the preferred path for us Disney Veterans. We went on Alice’s Tea Party and It’s a Small World to get going. We got Fast Passes for Haunted Mansion, and, to kill time, went on Peter Pan and Dumbo. Joey and I skipped Dumbo for popcorn. After Haunted Mansion, we got Fast Passes for Buzz (for 6:00pm), and headed to Toon Town. We went on Gadget’s Go Coaster (Goofy’s Barnstormer in Florida) and then had lunch. After lunch, we went to Tomorrowland on the Grand Circuit Raceway, which unlike Florida, had no wait. As you may be able to make out in the photo, the cars had this neat feature that disengaged the gas pedal, if you came too close to the car in front.

From the raceway, we went to Star Tours and walked right on. Next, we went to Pirates of the Caribbean and got Fast Passes for Thunder Mountain Railroad. After Pirates, we dallied a bit before the afternoon parade.

Are you tired yet?

After the parade, we got Fast Passes (for 9:25pm!) on Splash Mountain and went on Jungle Cruise, but the kids were running out of gas. We rested for 20 minutes or so, until our 5:00pm Fast Passes on Thunder Mountain Railroad. From there, we went through Fantasyland to Buzz, stopping at Pinnochio and the Carousel for quick rides. From Buzz, we had dinner and stopped to watch the Electric Lights parade. (Between dinner and the parade, some went back to It’s a Small World and others went to Snow White. I sat.) From the parade, we went back on Thunder Mountain Railroad and then on Splash Mountain twice.

That’s it. Out of the park – monorail – hotel – and soon bed.

Tomorrow, we start all over again at Disney Sea. We’re meeting for breakfast at 9:00am, and the park opens at 10:00am. It will, unfortunately, be our last full day in Japan on this trip.


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